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Principal's Corner

Message from the Principal

First, I want to give a big thank you to all parents who attended Parent-Teacher Conferences in a face to face or telephonic manner. We had a great participation rate with conferences! I also want to congratulate you as parents for joining our team in education of your children. Recently we received news about our AZ merit scores and Nautilus received an “A” grade. This is a tribute to the teachers, parents, staff and students for working hard to accomplish these goals. We are always looking to improve our MATH and English Language Arts scores to show student academic growth each year. You all help with supporting teachers here at Nautilus. I would also like to thank my Leadership Advisory Team for their guidance and extra time in academic leadership.

We are thrilled to be able to continue providing your children with the best education possible. Nautilus School is the best place to learn because the staff is very caring and committed in providing all students with a quality education that will prepare them for future success. As the parents, you are the first and most important teacher. We encourage you to get involved in your child’s education and make a commitment to volunteering in the school, communicating on a regular basis with your child’s teacher, and helping your child succeed. Together WE can make a DIFFERENCE for all children. Please also take the time to read the announcements and letters that are sent home with your child. Sometimes these are notices from your child’s teacher about events in the classroom. Other announcements are from the school notifying you of meetings, holidays, schedule changes, and other important happenings at Nautilus Elementary. Also, our new student reward program, the Super Improver Wall is encouraging students to focus this month on being Respectful. Classes are earning points and a student will become the Team Captain (which is the most improved for that monthly trait). This month’s character trait is PERSERVERANCE.

Lastly, we will be enforcing the attendance and/or tardy policy which is stated in the handbook so we ask that you make an extra effort to be in school and on time.

A new edition will be posted monthly outside the front office, a hard copy will be sent home to students monthly and a computer will be available at the school or your convenience in viewing the website and Synergy parent portals if needed.

You will be able to view weekly grades from Synergy and view our monthly newsletter on our website