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Welcome to Nautilus Elementary


    A Blue Ribbon School

    Nautilus Elementary School was named a 2011 National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education, a 2013 NCEA ACT Higher Performing School, and a National Title I Distinguished School.

    At Nautilus Elementary, we believe children are our future! We provide a safe, caring atmosphere, encouragement, and high expectations so student can reach their full social, emotional, and academic potential. Everyone has the capacity to learn. We will help our students become responsible, productive citizens, and life-long learners. Education is the responsibility of the entire community. The faculty and staff of Nautilus Elementary are very happy to welcome you to our school. We are confident you will enjoy working and learning with us. We sincerely hope you take an active part in our school activities and you will support us in every way possible. One of our goals, as professional educators, is to give each child the best education possible. With your help and support, we can accomplish this goal!

    Nautilus is noted for:


    The Nautilus school community of staff, students, families, and volunteers work as a team. We share the responsibility of modeling and teaching the essential academic and life skills necessary to encourage our students to become responsible, well-rounded, contributing members of society. We strive to cultivate each student's academic strengths and interests while encouraging his or her own positive character traits. Together WE can!


    Office Hours 7:00am ~ 3:30pm

    • All visitors please sign in at the office and get a visitor sticker.
    • Sign all students out in the front office.
    • If your child will be absent, please call the office at 505-6060 before to 9am. An automated call will go out by 10am to verify any unexcused absences.
    • We do have a voice mail prior to 7:00am.


    • School Shirts must be worn everyday!
    • Nautilus Spirit Shirts can be worn on Fridays!
    • School shirts can be ordered anytime at the front office. Cash and Check Only!
    • Order shirts ONLINE at the WebStore.


    • Any student who is not in the classroom by the second bell (8:00am) is tardy. After 3 tardies a tardy detention must be served. 
    • This detention will be served during lunch recess.
    • Every quarter starts over with a clean slate. (0 tardies) 
    • All tardy students must check into the front office for a "tardy pass".
    • If your child has a Doctor/Dental appointment, please send a written excuse from the Doctor with you child to the front office.